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煮餸易乃東華三院與煤氣公司於二零零八年合作成立的社會企業, 提供新鮮、健康、方便的餸菜包送遞服務。 煮餸易獲社會福利處「創業展才能」基金撥款二佰萬元資助。
  • 為殘疾人士提供就業機會
  • 煮餸易業務共創造30個職位, 其中20個由弱能人士擔任。
  • 提倡健康飲食文化
  • 現今都市人生活繁忙, 沒時間親手準備晚飯。煮餸易專門為現今繁忙的都市人製作健康餸菜包及提供送遞服務。
    CookEasy is a social enterprise set up in 2008 by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in collaboration with the Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd. It provides fresh, healthy yet convenient food packs delivery service. CookEasy has received a funding of 2 millions from the 'Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise' project by the Social Welfare Department.
  • Create employment opportunities for PWDs.
  • CookEasy aims to create 30 job opportunities, of which 20 are designated to people with disabilities.
  • Promote healthy diet culture
  • Most people lead very busy lives these days. CookEasy provides fresh, healthy yet convenient food packs and delivers right to your doorstep.
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